Black Friday Shopping Spree: You, Will, Be Given $8,000 To Go Online Shopping On Black Friday

| November 16, 2020


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Here is a piece of good news for shopping lovers! Coupon Lawn is giving $8000 for a shopping spree on Black Friday. Due to the pandemic, it is expected that this year’s Black Friday shopping would be much different. People prefer shopping online rather than visiting physical stores. Keeping this in mind, Coupon Lawn is here just to give you a special opportunity. Through this campaign, they aim to observe the changes in online shopping habits and the effectiveness of coupons during the post-pandemic. 

Shopping Expert Wanted and You will Be given $8000 To Shop

You must have at least 1-year experience in online shopping and you should be capable of going on a shopping spree. This job requires the person to be a good decision-maker means the given budget is used smartly in 1 hour. You must have experience in using coupons, deals, and promo codes for online shopping in the past. 

How To Go On a Shopping Spree?

You are permitted to go Shopping on the Coupon Lawn Website. You will be given an $8,000 budget to go online shopping on the website inexactly 1 hour. They will monitor your purchases to keep track of your spendings. Also, make sure to use the coupons and deals before making the payment. 

You are required to try at least 10 merchants to test the validity and effectiveness of the coupons and deals. Also, your important objective is to make a small diary to share with us your shopping routine, your shopping experience, and the benefits of using our coupons and deals.

How To Get Qualified?

You must be:

A frequent shopper

Good at decision making

Know money-saving tactics

A US resident

You Can Keep Everything You buy on this Black Friday Campaign

The best part of this campaign is you can keep everything you buy. You can also retain the money you save by using the coupons. The exact amount of deducted money after using the coupons in each purchase is yours. So make sure you aim as high as possible.

Coupon Lawn will provide you a certificate honoring your shopping expertise. This will help in your future employment. You will be mentioned on the website and social media channels. However, you can also request to keep your profile private.

Happy Shopping!

To apply for this job, you can visit the Coupon Lawn webiste and fill the application form. Candidates that fail to meet the requirements will be not considered. The deadline for this position is 23h59, November 26, 2020.

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