Find the Best Walk-In Tubs For 2021

| February 22, 2021


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Have you ever worried about your father or mother falling while trying to bathe? Whether you’re concerned about your parent’s walk-in tubs can provide the solution. Walk-in tubs are an excellent choice for elderly people which allows them to bathe independently and privately. A walk-in tub helps keeps you safe from falls that can create serious health issues.  If you are looking to buy a walk-in tub, then ConsumerAffairs can help you find the best products for life’s important purchases.

What is a walk-in tub?

A walk-in tub is a bathtub specifically designed for easy accessibility with a low step threshold, a seat, and other safety features. The tub has a door that lets you step into the bath without having to step over a threshold. Tubs are typically constructed with sturdy grab bars and handrails to provide support. All walk-in tubs have sealed doors to prevent leaks. The seats are typically covered with a textured surface to keep users from slipping off the seat, which allows for a safer bathing experience.

What are the different types of walk-in tubs?

The various types of walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing safer for those with different needs. The most common types include soaker tubs, lay-down tubs, bariatric tubs, and walk-in showers.

How do walk-in tubs work?

Walk-in tubs are designed with a low step-in threshold that makes it easier for people at risk of falling to step directly into the tub rather than lift their legs over the side to enter. To bathe, you simply step in, sit down and turn the water on. Once the water drains, you can open the door and exit the tub. Rising from a seat is much easier than from a standard tub floor. You don’t have to worry about getting up or down from the base of the tub again.

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Walk-in Tub Picks for Seniors

The top-rated walk-in tub companies on ConsumerAffairs are Safe Step, American Standard, and Kohler. All three companies offer quality walk-in bathtubs made in the United States. Here are the best walk-in bathtubs for seniors:

  • The Hybrid Tub by Safe Step
  • Gelcoat Value Series by American Standard
  • Kohler Walk-in Bath

These walk-in tubs can provide a safe bathing option for seniors who want to maintain their independence. The important reason why people install walk-in tubs is to reduce the risk of falls and other accidents in the bathroom. People with limited mobility at any age can benefit from easy access to a walk-in bathtub. Elderly individuals might want to switch to a walk-in tub so they can add safety and therapeutic features.

Bottomline – Does a walk-in tub add value to a house?

Depending on where you live, a walk-in tub can add value to your home. Walk-in tubs are a popular addition to houses in retirement communities, and a walk-in tub is more likely to increase the value of your home if you live in an area with a large senior population. In addition to older adults, anyone with limited mobility might have an easier time bathing in a walk-in tub than a traditional tub.

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