Free Sample of Fish-Free Tuna Alternatives

| December 6, 2022


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Have you ever tried Meat-Free and Fish-Free Alternatives? Try the Fish-Free Tuna Alternatives by unMEAT. With clean ingredients, lower sodium, and more fiber they’re a range of better products that are surprisingly tasty! 100% plant-based and non-GMO. unMEAT has a lot of GOOD to offer! It is a source of fiber and protein and with no preservatives added! It’s trans-fat free, egg-free and cholesterol-free food too!

Their process of creating their Meat-Free and Fish-Free Alternatives is simple! They mix plant protein and natural flavors together and layer in fiber and binders to create that juicy texture. They never use preservatives and are an Asian-owned brand with a Net Zero Plastic Waste footprint.

unMEAT is made to look, feel and taste like meat and seafood without the guilt! So that you can have a healthy and satisfyingly tasty way to enjoy your favorite dishes. unMEAT is 100% Plant-based and is absolutely Vegan-friendly!

Get a voucher for a FREE tin of Fish-Free Tuna Alternatives, 6.3oz (180g). Free sample value up to $3.00.











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