Looking For Online Colleges and Financial Aid? Learn How MyDegree.com Can Help You!

| March 9, 2021


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Whether you are going to university for the first time or returning to continue your studies, 2020 has made it very difficult. If you are someone looking for an online college but new to the online space, My Degree.com will help in matching you to the right accredited online college as well as financial aids that you might qualify for through a quick and simple process.

What is an accredited college?

Earning your degree online doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the quality of your education. Accreditation is a process that ensures a college, university, or degree program meets university standards for quality. Studying at an accredited college will allow you to transfer credits towards other programs and gives you a chance to receive financial aids.

How does My Degree.com help you?

My Degree.com is a platform that helps compare and match you with the right accredited online college providing courses in the subjects below:

  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • Business
  • Education
  • Trades: Vocational and Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Art Design and Communications
  • IT, Math and Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Liberal Arts

If you don’t have the time for an on-campus degree right now but do not want to postpone your education, visit My Degree.com to request information on online colleges best suiting your choice of subject.

Learning made easy!

Learning is a continuous process and a never-ending one. If you are looking for a chance to pursue your educational desire – My Degree.com extends the opportunity through an easy and simple process. To compare and get information on online accredited colleges.

  • Visit My Degree.com website
  • Select the subject to your preference ( you can select up to three subjects)
  • Select your higher level of education, age, year of High School graduation or GED earned, plan of enrolment (this may vary from one month to a year), learning preferences, degree
  • Finally, you have to confirm your citizenship and gender
  • Answer a survey that will allow you to receive information on online colleges and educational grants that best matches you!


My Degree.com website is privately owned and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government entity. This site uses a matching services tool to provide data on available accredited online colleges and financial supports. To improve your educational standard and to get financial aid, find an online college right now!

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