Survey Tips: These 5 Points Can Help You Avoid Getting Disqualified!

| July 2, 2021


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Taking online surveys can be an easy way to earn money, but there is a greater chance for you to lose this privilege for various reasons. Due to certain reasons, your surveys could be disqualified, or your account could be flagged, and excessive flags will automatically force your account to become disabled. This is frustrating, right? To avoid getting disqualified or disabled, make sure to review the following points!

1.Get in early to take surveys!

The most common reason for people to get disqualified from surveys is that they applied too late. A company’s market research budget will be limited and defined within a period, making it impossible for them to pay for any responses received over several adequate responses. To avoid getting disqualified, you should make sure to check your emails and survey accounts regularly and send responses within a possible time range.

2.Avoid mismatching of age and date of birth!

For you to participate in surveys, it is important to enter your real date of birth to match your age. Your information is probably used to match you with the most relevant surveys available in the survey community. When you fail to match your date of birth with your age on the survey profile, you end up disqualified. So double-check your information to avoid mismatching your age and your date of birth.

 3.Be honest with your answers!

When you come across the questionaries, never try to answer with what you think the company wants to hear. If survey companies find your answers to be inconsistent or if they feel like you’re rushing through surveys, you might be flagged. Just answer honestly and pick the chance of getting more surveys.

4.Don’t give an open-ended response!

It is always important to provide a clear-cut answer as a participant in surveys. When you fill an answer, make sure not to use gibberish or any foul languages that don’t look relevant to the questionaries. Note that only a valid response can help you from being disqualified or flagged.

5.Make sure to read the rules!

Reading through the rules and guidelines may seem like a waste of your time. If you want to earn money and not wonder at the reason for getting disqualified, make sure to read complete rules before undertaking any surveys. For instance, if the rule states that the survey is for people only above 50 years, then avoid answering it when you’re 22 years old. This action will save you from being flagged at any moment.

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