TryProducts: Cruelty-Free & Vegan Lip Gloss!

| September 30, 2021


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TryProducts want you to have a chance to try out products in exchange for your honest opinion.

Now available to try is this Organic & Vegan Lip Gloss. This moisturizing lip tint is made with minerals and plant-based ingredients including beautiful crushed rosed petals and cocoa!

Benefits of Organic Lip Gloss!

  1. Chemical-free – A traditional lip gloss will contain chemicals for fragrance and color. A vegan lip gloss only uses natural ingredients that provide your lips with moisture as well as color.
  2. Completely Cruelty-Free– They never want to use products that may have harmed an animal during the manufacturing process. This is why organic lip gloss is the perfect choice for those who live a vegan lifestyle.
  3. Greener Beauty – A vegan lip gloss is made up of all-natural components that will have much fewer negative impacts on the water, air, and soil that surrounds us.
  4. More Health Benefits – Vegan lip gloss feels amazing on your lips and can repair damage from sun exposure and other elemental effects.

How To Try Out Product?

  1. Join for free – Visit,  enter your full name and email address to sign-up, and click “Sign-up”. You will then have to tell them a little about yourself so that they can pick a product that fits your lifestyle.
  2. They will send you FREE products to try – As easy as that, they will send you products at your doorstep.
  3. Let them know what you think – You just have to give your honest opinion about the product you tried.

Why Do Brands Need Consumers to Join their Paid Product Testing Studies?

The reason for paid product testing is that the brands would like to know the consumer’s reviews and opinions about their new product before they make it available to the market. They need to know consumer’s insights if the product does well or not or if they have to change something.


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